Picking a Contractor

As in all forms of home improvement, there are many shortcuts that can be taken that may greatly reduce the life of your floor. Here are some of the things you should look for in a hardwood flooring contractor. Make sure whoever you hire has insurance. Not only liability insurance but the most important insurance to have is Workman’s comp insurance. If a worker gets injured at your house and the contractor does not have Workman’s comp insurance you may be liable. And with medical cost this could easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the contractor burns down your house your home owners insurance should cover that. Most home owner policies only carry $5000.00 medical on them, which would not go very far if a worker was seriously injured. It is also very important to get the certificate of insurance directly from the insurance agent and not the contractor. This assures that the policy is still enforced. If the policy gets canceled for any reason it is the agent’s responsibility to notify you. If he does not, you are still covered even if the policy was canceled. Another important item to look for would be the Warranty. It is important to have a written warranty. If the contractor is not will to stand behind his work there may be a good reason for that. It is just as important as the warranty is to make sure that the contractor is planning to be around for at least the length of the warranty. Make sure that he is trained in the products that he is using. Most manufacturers hold classes for their products and upon completion certify the contractor. Some manufacturers do not warranty their products unless they were used by a certified contractor.