Proper Sanding Sequence

The proper sanding and preparation of your wood floor is the very important to the finished product of your hardwood floor. A proper sanding job will make the floor finish last longer as well as making it easier to care for.

The first “rough” sanding causes large peaks and valleys in the floor. The second “medium” sanding removes the large peaks and valleys left by the first sanding. The third “fine” sanding removes all the small peaks and valleys left by the second sanding. If a Floor mechanic skips from the rough sanding to the fine sanding the result will be peaks and valleys left in the floor. When the finish is applied there will be very little difference between the peak and the top on the finish. This will result in the finish wearing out much sooner than it should. It will also mean the the floor will be much harder to care for. Make sure the floor mechanic who is sanding your floor uses the proper sanding sequence and does not skip cuts to save his time which will cost you in the end.